About us

We represent the community of traveling photographers, our main purpose is the creation of awesome photo in any place we are travelling.

We organize trips for the people who are indifferent to the beauty of the nature, in our tours are participating photographers, artists, people involved in yoga and ordinary tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

The peculiarity of our tours is the planning and organization of the program taking into account the climate, seasons, topography and other factors, so we can observe the most spectacular views in the right place and time.

Of course, good weather does not always happen, so our programs are variable. Each member of our team can teach you a lot of interesting phototips and specifics of photography in different conditions, so we always have something to do in your spare time.

We appreciate the professionalism and customer focus in our business, so we are carefully approach to taking in members of our organization, the organisation is managed collectively, in consultation with all stakeholders. Decision-making takes place in society by voting mandatory preceded by participants in the discussion.

We organize travel without intermediaries, which allows us not only to offer a competitive price, but also significantly reduce the risk of overlap during the trip, because we don't want to miss the sunrise because of the bus lateness.

We are focused on a reasonable combination of comfort and prices of our travels, of course, we love comfort, and we are making every effort to make even in the most remote corners of our planet we were able to relax, but not to survive.

Society is based on mutual help and support of each of its members: we exchange information on routes, survey points, equipment, contacts with local guides, drivers and other information. We also provide assistance in the planning and preparation of independent travel.

Contact us:

+7 495 088-75-97